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Day Trip from Camerons Cottage to Ullapool

A car journey of approx 80 miles / 2½ - 3 hour trip

Leaving Camerons cottage turn right and drive along the B852 with the Loch Ness shoreline on your left. Continue along the B862 from Dores into Inverness.

From Inverness take the A9 north crossing the Moray Firth via the Kessock Bridge and onto the Black Isle. Continue to the next roundabout and take the second left onto the A835 to Ullapool. The road crosses the end of the loch ness cottage-Black Water RiverCromarty Firth and bears left and it is now approx. 50 miles to Ullapool.Pass or stop at the Falls of Rogie on the right and then pass Loch Garvie.A little further on there is a Car Park/Toilets/Picnic-Table site on your left and a good place to stop and see the dramatic Black Water River cascading over rock formations.You are now about halfway to Ullapool and it is a good place to stretch your legs and walk along by the river.

Driving on you will follow the Black Water River on your left until it eventually goes under the road. The uphill journey now takes you through heather moorland, passing small lochs and snow capped mountains.Pass Loch Glascarnoch on the right.

loch ness cottage-Snow poles help the traveller in winterNotice the black & white snow poles topped with red bands on either side of the road - helping travellers to know exactly where the road is in winter months when everything is covered in deep snow. A little further after passing the turn to the Kyle of Lochalsh & Inverewe Gardens on your left there is a sign to Corrieshalloch Gorge & Falls of Measach.

Park in the car park on the right and walk across the road down to these dramatic scloch ness cottage-Falls of Measachenic sights. There are two good bridge viewpoints of the Gorge and Falls with good photo opportunity. Not for the squeamish! This spectacular gorge is 1mile long and 200ft deep.  Here the River Droma tumbles 150ft dramatically onto broken horizontal rock formation over the Falls of Measach. The extremely steep ungrazed sides of the gorge support a rich and varied collection of untouched mosses and ferns. Corrieshalloch Gorge is the best example in Scotland of a steep sided gorge formed by glacial melt-waters during the later stages of the Great Ice Age [between 10,000 - 13,000 years ago]. The whole length of the gorge was notified as a Site of Special Scientific Interest in March 1984.

loch ness cottage-Ullapool juts out into Loch BroomJourney along with Loch Broom on the left until you reach the busy fishing village of Ullapool with its white cottages and harbour jutting out into the sea loch. You can now stop here to walk around the village and then journey back home by various routes. For those who wish to travel on for a further 20 miles or so to a breath-taking sandy beach and a view of the Summer Isles continue on the A835 north out of Ullapool.

Take the next left turn signposted to Achiltibuie.

After about 5 miles the sharp pinnacled ridge of Stac Pollaidh [pronounced Stack Polly] rears up on your right. Inloch ness cottage-Stac Pollaidh peak in the Highlands the photograph it is the triangular shaped mountain on the left. At a height of 2800 feet it is very popular with climbers who like a challenge.

Continue along the road to a T-junction. If you turn right at this junction towards Reiff - look out for the sudden sign ‘Beach' pointing to a track off on the right. The small car park is at the end of this track and the ‘Beach' is well worth a visit.It is a secluded cove with loch ness cottage-secluded beach in the highlandsbeautiful sands and spectacular snow capped mountains in the distance behind you.

To think this beautiful scenery is only 100 miles from Camerons  Cottage.

If you turn left at the junction towards Achiltibuie there are superb views of the Summer Isles. These are a group of a dozen small islands at the mouth of Loch Broom but only one island [Tanera Mhor] is inhabited - mostly with holiday cottages. The islands loch ness cottage-Summer Isles off the west coast of Scotlandacquired their name from the practice of local farmers using the islands for the summer grazing of their livestock. They are a popular stopping place for cruises from Ullapool as they are teeming with a rich variety of unspoilt wild life. The islands are also a very famous haunt of divers with their huge underwater caverns, spectacular caves and coral-crusted wrecks.

On a clear day you can look across this stretch of water known as The Minch and see the Isle of Lewis and Harris [part of the Outer Hebrides] in the distance.

loch ness cottage-Dornoch Firth in the Scottish HighlandsTake the same road back to join the A835 and turn right back to Ullapool and home.    For a different route home turn left towards Ledmore where you need to turn right onto the A837-mostly a single track road- and drive to Bonar Bridge. At Bonar Bridge turn right and go over the bridge then bear left onto the A836 road towards Fearn Lodge where the road forks in two.Take the right fork onto the B9176 which goes up over The Struie and affords dramatic views overlooking the Dornoch Firth.

 Turn right onto the A9 signposted to Inverness and back home to Camerons Cottage.